Meditation Classes – from Monday 12th August (5 week cycle) – 11.30-12.30

Our Meditation Classes in French are another great way to be immersed in French while relaxing and getting ready for your week ahead. We are offering a cycle of 5 classes but you can come to as many as you wish. Entry is casual at $20 per session per person

This class is run by Emmanuelle Dal Pra, a French qualified and experienced meditation teacher.

The class is from 11.30 am-12.30 and includes the following: 

  • a 30 minute presentation of the concept of meditation, mindfulness, body scan and importance of the present moment
  • a few self guided meditation practises in French (total of around 30 mins)
  • a hand out in French with the summary of the session
  • some tips from practising meditation at home or at work
  • French conversation and French immersion – you will hear and speak French
  • A relaxed moment with us at French Journey and a great way to start your week !

The presentation and meditation are done in French (for all levels as we will adapt our pace to the level of participants). We will explain some terms in English when needed and we will give you a bilingual glossary of the terminology used.

A tres bientot !