French conversation workshops (advanced levels)


10 weeks of 1 hour 15 minutes = 12 and a half hours


This course focuses on speaking French and learning to express yourself more confidently on interesting and contemporary topics related to French culture.

The course is structured as a conversation workshop/debate with a maximum number of 4 students. The participants are required to speak exclusively in French. The theme is chosen in accordance with the students interests and is given one week in advance so that the students can prepare their arguments for discussion.

Our warm and homely facility in Hampton will provide the perfect environment for students to relax and speak French while drinking a cup of coffee and/or trying French food.



At the end of the course you'll be able to:

  • Build fluency and confidence in spoken French
  • Further understand different aspects of the French culture (politics, economics, arts, leisure, social issues, current affairs etc)


This course is suited to students with a higher intermediate or advanced level of French who want to maintain and practise their spoken French in a relaxing environment.



All material will be provided by "A French Journey".

Students need to bring pen and notebook.


Class Times


All classes are held in our French learning center at 567 Hampton Street, Hampton Victoria, Australia.

Term Dates 2019

  • Term 1
    11th February to 5th April  (8 weeks, 1 public holiday on 11th March)
  • Term 2
    29th April to 28th June (9 weeks, 1 public holiday on 10th June)
  • Term 3
    15th July to 20th September (10 weeks, no public holiday)
  • Term 4
    7th October to 13th December (10 weeks, 1 public holiday on 5th November)